Why Contact The Care Center?

We know staying healthy requires us to check-in with ourselves and our habits periodically—we understand this with dental and medical checkups. Mental health and emotional well-being should be no different.

The truth is that everyone can benefit from having a neutral Care Connector listen to them with their best interests at heart.

Support at work
  1. I feel anxious/stressed about something related to my job.
  2. I’m having issues/feeling frustrated with a work relationship. 
  3. I’m worried about a co-worker, direct report, or manager. 
  4. I feel stuck and unmotivated in my job. 
  5. I feel overwhelmed with everything on my plate. 
  6. I’m feeling intimidated or bullied at work. 
  7. I’m going through a lot of change with my role/responsibilities.
  8. I feel alone/isolated at work.
  9. I’m feeling distracted or unfocused at work.
  10. I had a difficult customer/client interaction.
Support at home
  1. I’m feeling overwhelmed as a parent.
  2. I’m struggling with my self-esteem. 
  3. I’m feeling overloaded and want to better balance career and family.
  4. I’m feeling sad and depressed. 
  5. I feel anxious/stressed about something related to my personal life/relationships.
  6. I’m feeling anxious/stressed about something related to my race/color/ethnicity/sexuality/gender identity.
  7. I’m worried about my partner/significant other.
  8. I’m worried about my personal or family's financial situation.
  9. I’m worried about my physical health. 
  10. I’m worried about something related to my pet(s).
Support for kids and teens
  1. I feel alone or left out.
  2. I want to make friends but don’t know how to.
  3. I’m struggling with my self-esteem. 
  4. I’m struggling with feelings of anxiety, sadness, or depression. 
  5. I’m feeling bullied or picked on. 
  6. I feel pressure to do everything perfectly. 
  7. I had or am having a hard day at school. 
  8. I keep comparing myself to others and want to feel better about myself.
  9. I’m not getting along with my parents or siblings.
  10. I’m feeling too attached to my phone or social media.
Micro-coaching & skill building
  1. I want to learn skills that help me improve my relationship with my spouse and kids.
  2. I want to learn how to handle tough emotions like stress, anxiety, and sadness in a healthier way.
  3. I want to stop procrastinating and be more focused.
  4. I want to learn how to support loved ones through challenging times.
  5. I want to learn how to be a coworker that others can rely on emotionally.
  6. I want to learn how to be more mindful and present.
  7. I want to feel more passion and meaning around my work.
  8. I want to gain more self awareness.
  9. I want to learn how to gain and follow personal insight.
  10. I want to learn how to change my habits.
Deeper challenges that may require a therapist or counselor
  1. I’m feeling numb to all emotions.
  2. I’m struggling to get out of bed and get myself to do normal everyday tasks.
  3. I can’t turn my brain off, and I worry/feel anxious all the time.
  4. I feel like I’m losing control.
  5. I feel completely helpless and hopeless.
  6. I can’t stop engaging in destructive habits.

Don't hesitate to call or text the Care Center now if you or a loved one feel like you could use coaching or support on the following:

  • Any of the items mentioned in the lists above

  • Finding a counselor, therapist, or other professional help

  • Anything else!


If you're in a crisis, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-272-TALK.