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We help companies proactively address mental health and addiction in the workplace and connect their employees and loved ones to the resources they need in order to heal.

80% of adults living with a mental illness will never seek help.


  • We provide the environment that increases the likelihood people will reach out.
  • We are proactive and focus on reducing stigma while increasing utilization.
  • We meet people where they're at and support them from crisis to connection.

Connect with Something Deeper.

Stigma and job concern are top reasons people are unwilling to reach out. Providing an environment of safety, non-judgment, and compassion is key in supporting people into wellness.

The World's First and Only (PEP) Proactive Employer Program


From Crisis to Connection.

The most common way companies address mental health and addiction is they don't...until a crisis occurs. We help shift the focus on prevention rather than reaction.

Normalize the Conversation.

The more we're willing to discuss mental health and addiction, the more we decrease stigma and increase the chances employees (and loved ones) receive the help they need in order to heal.


Create a Culture
of Caring.

The CARE Initiative, a (PEP) proactive employer program, is designed to reduce stigma and issues associated with mental health and addiction while increasing emotional well-being, employee engagement, and loyalty.

Show Employees
They Matter.

When employers take a proactive approach to mental health and addiction and implement programs like CARE, employees know they are valued and gain a deeper sense of worth and support.


When it comes to addressing addiction and mental health at work, BluNovus helps start/continue the discussion.

Beth Floyd // WCF Insurance

The realities of addiction and mental illness greatly affect businesses and people's personal lives. Organizations can play a large role in helping their workforce be successful personally and professionally. The CARE Initiative improves people's lives, work, and community.

Krystn Clark // Conservice

Until now there has not been a good way to address mental health and addiction in the workplace or resources to actually do something about it. BluNovus has the understanding and compassion to make a difference and help those who are impacted, which is everyone in one way or another.

Matt Moody // Big Leap

BluNovus understands at a very personal level what individuals and their loved ones need. Every situation is unique but they are able to quickly identify and sift through each situation in a timely manner to get someone placed as quickly as needed.

Brad Harris // BYU

BluNovus has been great to work with! They came in and showed that they truly care. We have had many people utilize them in the short time we have been using them. They really make a difference!

Josh Christensen // Friendly Home Services


How It Feels.

We know with mental health and addiction, people can feel embarrased and afraid. That's why we see people for people and support them with empathy and compassion.

  • We make sure they feel heard.
  • We remind them that they matter.
  • We show them they aren't alone.
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How It Works.

Normalizing the conversation requires a thoughtful and simple approach that reduces stigma and provides a safe, reliable outlet for employees and their loved ones.

  • We create awareness through events and videos.
  • We continuely support and educate HR teams.
  • We provide members unlimited access to CARE.

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