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Workplace well-being starts here

Give your leaders and employees the emotional support that makes a difference in their lives and your organization. It starts by moving upstream with Blunovus.

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How It Works

Emotional well-being on a cultural level: much more than EAP

A human connection company that leverages training and analytics to improve productivity and workplace well-being by proactively addressing mental health on a cultural level. #PeopleNeedPeople

According to Deloitte, for every $1 invested in proactively addressing mental health, there is a $5 ROI.

"We've had multiple employees reach out and express their thanks to us as a company for providing this benefit. One story in particular comes to mind of a young lady that works for us. She reached out to say thanks for helping save the life of a close family member who was experiencing suicidal ideations and going through substance abuse problems and got the help they needed with the support of Blunovus."

Mike Greenhalgh, CFO

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Move upstream with training, technology, and multiple touchpoints

What good has come from the pandemic? We decided to ask. 

Care Center Services

Emotional support in, productivity and well-being out

A 24/7 personalized mental health concierge service, emotional support helpline, and resource center where members know they are valued and gain a deeper sense of worth and well-being. 

80% of Americans that live with mental illness never reach out and get the help they need.

Industry specific programs

Healthcare Providers
First Responders
Shift Leadership Certification

More support, more training, more happy

A workplace wellness leadership certification that shows leaders where connection, well-being, and success come from and how to lead with authenticity, empathy, and confidence.

87% of leaders never receive training on mental health or how to support their team members.

Technology Platforms

Smarter support, faster resources, bigger insights

An app, text messaging service, and online wellness resource library that provides your team with proactive emotional support at their fingertips—accompanied by detailed usage analytics to guide leadership on their organization's well-being.

69% of employees say they want their companies to provide more emotional support services.

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"Looking at an EAP vs. Blunovus, Blunovus is instant. It's not 5, 10, or 15 minutes later. It's not - ‘Hey, we'll get back to you on Monday at 8am.’ It's - ‘Hi, we're here right now. How can we help?’ And that's what you want when you have an EAP or emotional well-being program. Our emotions don't have business hours - they're with us 24/7, which means your emotional support service should be as well."

Sam Callahan, HR Manager

Care TV Webcast

Interviews and panels with qualified people who care

A live webcast series featuring experienced professionals that is dedicated to helping managers and individuals bring connection and wellness into their work and home lives.

Less crisis, more connection