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Care Support

24/7 Care Center Services

All individuals in your organization and ALL their loved ones — if they matter to you, they matter to us — get 24/7 text and call access to the Care Center. People can use the service at any time to decompress, receive support, or find mental health providers that fit their specific needs.

80% of workers are stressed, which creates more health problems than finances or family issues.

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How We Support

Our Care Center promise to you

When individuals reach into the Care Center, they are met with compassion, respect, and understanding. Our in-house Care Connectors make sure callers feel heard and supported, understand they're not alone, and are reminded they matter.

60% of employee absences can be traced back to psychological problems due to job stress.

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Care Connectors

Compassionate and respectful support

Our certified Care Center staff members are trained to:

  • Build rapport and de-escalate situations
  • Ask the right questions to understand issues
  • Make it easier for members to find solutions
  • Readily assess and provide available resources
  • Facilitate higher levels of care as needed

Care Connectors use empathy, expertise, and experience to save companies, human resources, and individuals money, time, and frustration... ultimately saving people's lives.

Emotionally unwell individuals miss 16 more days of work each year than those who remain well.

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Access to Greater Levels of Care

Counseling and therapy services

Our Care Center service includes referrals to “pay as you go” counseling and therapy services at insurance company discounts. We are here to listen to, support, and provide you with referrals to experts when needed. We provide you with access to comprehensive tele-health services through our affiliated providers for mental health, chronic pain, and substance use disorders.

These tele-health services are billed on a pay as you go basis at insurance negotiated rates, which generally save about 40+/-%. For example, mental health counseling that generally costs $160-$200 per hour will be billed at customary insurance rates of $86-$106 per hour – representing a 40+/-% savings. Services include individualized therapy with licensed counselors, support groups, and 24/7 in-the-moment chat and daily messaging support.

54% of employees say their home life is impacted by stress from work

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Employee Onboarding

Team members who are resourceful, mindful, and aware

All team members are trained on how to use the app and access the Care Center via call or text. They also receive instructions on using the Wellness Resource Library, containing courses from subject matter experts on how to address anxiety, depression, relationship issues, stress, addiction, and more.

1 in 4 people currently live with mental illness and 80% (90% of those struggling with substance abuse) will never seek help.

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Supervisor Onboarding

Managers who are open, approachable, and helpful

Supervisors are taught how to manage conversations about mental well-being and spot the signs and symptoms associated with mental health and addiction, which leads to workplace well-being and cultural change. They also learn how to effectively approach individuals and encourage team members to utilize the Care Center services for support and resources.

85% of employees are unsatisfied with the quality of communication in their workplace.

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"At some point in life, someone will need your help confronting and tackling their addiction. When that moment comes—no matter how prepared you *think* you are to deal with it—call Blunovus first! I did and it unequivocally made a huge difference in my friend’s life. Blunovus knew EXACTLY how to get my friend the right kind of help. All I had to do was ask my friend to trust me about ONE thing—talk to Blunovus."

Dave Murray, Partner

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Move upstream

81% of employees would rather join a company that values open and candid communication about mental health than one that offers perks such as top health plans, free food, and gym memberships.