Group Training

This is a 1/2 day training designed specifically for HR professionals and business leaders, plus a 90-min follow-up the next week. As a bonus for teams we have been talking with, each package comes with 1-hour of personal coaching with our Founder, James Hadlock (normally $500+ per hour).

8 hours of training/coaching in total
(4 Hours initial live session, 1.5 hours follow up session, 1.5 hours of optional on-demand content, and a 1-hour coaching session with James Hadlock)


For the Team Package, enter the names and email addresses here of all team members who will be participating.


Training Description

The role of HR continues to evolve in an ever-changing business world. You’re a coach, counselor, strategist, and employee advocate, and your effectiveness depends on your ability to influence key policies and decisions while alleviating stress during times of uncertainty.

How do you take steps to actively engage employees, foster social interaction, provide additional mental health benefits and support, and remain transparent? How will you deliver on DEI promises, make remote work actually work, develop employees, reduce turnover, and make your managers better coaches? …and how will you do it without burning out and becoming emotionally exhausted?

All training participants—and their loved ones!—gain 24/7 access to Blunovus Care Center support.

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Meaningful Topics

Subject matter that helps your organization evolve

Join us for this 8-hour HR Professional Development training where you'll learn how to:

  1. Reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout for yourself and in your teams
  2. Navigate the unknown (remote work, vaccines, masks) and lead with more confidence and clarity
  3. Boost morale, keep people motivated, and foster an environment of respect and transparency
  4. Increase employee engagement, improve productivity, and hire/retain the best talent

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68% of employees worry that reaching out to managers about a mental health issue could negatively impact their job security.

Real Impact

Why should you attend?

Our work environments have changed rapidly this last couple of years, and many individuals are struggling with burnout and trying to navigate ongoing uncertainty. As an HR professional or business leader, you’re on the front lines when it comes to supporting your people through these challenging times, and you may be worn out as well. Come join us to learn how you can take care of your own well-being and support your people as you move forward.

87% of leaders never receive training on mental health or how to support their team members.

Individual and Cultural Transformation

Learning objectives

  • Understand mental health—especially as it relates to burnout and uncertainty— and how to manage it
  • Obtain a clear view of how to reduce stigma in your workplace
  • Gain insight into how you could be adding stress to your workplace
  • Get clear on how you can bring psychological safety into your workplace
  • Increase your ability to solve problems at work
  • Know what makes a great leader and how to become one
  • Learn how to ask questions that bring insight

70% of failed organizational change programs are attributable to poor organizational health.

In-Depth Training, Where It Counts

Who will benefit?

  • HR Directors/Managers
  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Generalists/Specialists
  • Well-Being Professionals
  • Total Rewards/Benefits Managers
  • School/Public Administrators
  • Business leaders
  • C-suite executives

82% of employees say their leaders aren’t very good at communication and engagement.

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Our Commitment

Our promise to you

Training and course participants will walk away with greater:

  • Connection - Embody empathy and trust
  • Clarity - Transmit presence and focus
  • Confidence - Display authenticity and assurance
  • Calmness - Radiate peace and settledness
  • Cultural Influence - Foster psychological safety


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