Presented by Jenny Howe, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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This is a 2-hour course taught by Jenny Howe, Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

Teachers play a critical role in helping their students navigate anxiety in a classroom setting, and with some extra knowledge around anxiety, teachers can help their students thrive. In Jenny Howe’s course on Anxiety in the Classroom, you’ll learn about the science and behavioral patterns that contribute to anxiety and will also gain strategies that allow you to help students who are struggling. Consistently using the strategies presented in this course will help you improve in-class experiences for students and yourself as a teacher.

Course Outline:

  • Common Signs of Anxiety in Children
  • The Origin of Anxiety
  • Anxiety-Driven Behaviors
  • Impacts of Anxiety on Students
  • Limitations Due to Anxiety Disorders
  • Exposure Response Prevention
  • Causes and Impacts of Anxiety
  • Noticing Signs of Anxiety in Children
  • The Collaborative Problem Solving Model
  • Beginning Steps and Jose’s Story
  • 3 Types of Conversations
  • Making Time for Plan B Conversations
  • When to Have a Plan B Conversation
  • Plan B Conversation Tips
  • The Impact of Plan B Conversations
  • Introduction to Exposure Response Prevention
  • The Cycle of Anxiety
  • The Process of Habituation
  • Exposure Therapy Exercise
  • Collaborative Problem Solving Exercise
  • Introducing Exposure Therapy Into the Classroom
  • Shift Language in Conversations
  • Use Emotional Labeling
  • Focus on Effort, Not Outcome
  • Minimize Avoidance
  • Make a Worry Jar
  • Remove “Think Positively” From Your Vocabulary

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2.0 Hours

Enrollment Duration

1 Year