Mental Health Awareness Month

View replay videos from weekly events dedicated to helping you improve your mental health and emotional well-being below!

Three ethnically diverse friends trying to fit giant puzzle pieces together (illustration).


—  Wednesday, May 5th  |  12PM-1PM MDT  —

Paving Your Path to Mental Health With Deep Connection

An engaging presentation with James Hadlock on improving mental health. In this event, we’ll develop skills that lead to deeper connection and a healthier and happier way of being.

—  Friday, May 7th  |  12PM-1PM MDT  —

Leading a Resilient Workforce 

Join leaders from various industries as we reflect on Workforce Resilience Through Mental Fitness, share insights into how authentic, vulnerable leadership is revolutionary, and learn what’s next for your industry and business.

—  Wednesday, May 12th  |  12PM-1PM MDT  —

Stories of Hope: Mental Health Experiences Through the Lens of Radical Acceptance 

A community event focused on breaking down mental health stigma through real stories of hope. Hear first- hand how the principles of radical acceptance have helped people navigate the various struggles associated with mental health.

—  Wednesday, May 19th  |  12PM-1PM MDT  —

How Therapy Can Benefit Anyone -  Ask a Therapist Anything

An open and candid discussion with a trained therapist on all things related to mental health and emotional well-being. Bring your questions, thoughts, and emotions to this insightful Q&A session about how therapy can benefit anyone.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

—  Wednesday, May 26th  |  2PM-3PM  —

Elevating Mental Health Through Authentic Leadership (Brought to you by the South Valley Chamber and Blunovus)

  1. Event introductions | How have you been impacted by mental health?

2. What challenges do we face in helping leaders prioritize mental health in the workplace?

3. What role does vulnerability play in leadership?

4. What is the ROI of prioritizing mental health in the workplace?

5. How can you balance authenticity and boundaries as a leader?

6. How can leaders be vulnerable and open with employees and not get into legal issues around liability?

7. How can those working in the mental health industry network and provide support to leaders?