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BluNovus’ enterprise-level CARE Initiative is now available to individuals! The CARE Initiative is founded on the governing principle that “people need people,” having as its cornerstone the CARE Center that is:

  • Staffed by trained and certified CARE Connector staff
  • Available for members to text or call 24/7 to receive emotional, mental, and social support
  • Known for staff who are Compassionate, Available, Reliable, and Effective


CARE Resource Library.

Members also receive unlimited access to the BluNovus CARE Online Resource Library holding educational and training materials prepared by leading experts in the mental health, emotional well-being, self-improvement and addiction recovery fields, among others.


What happens when contacting the CARE Center?

A step-by-step guide to the caller experience

When using the CARE Center, you're met where you're at and treated with compassion, patience, respect, and understanding.


Callers have unlimited access to the CARE Center and may call or text. Callers may remain anonymous and are reminded the conversation is safe and confidential.


CARE Connectors have a deep knowledge of resources and are trained internally by nationally recognized experts in call-handling and the art of innate listening.


We first strive to understand the situation by listening with empathy. Our in-house CARE Connectors make sure callers feel heard, understand they are not alone, and are reminded that they matter.


Once a CARE Connector fully understands a situation, they provide best-suited info. Examples include: How to talk with HR, what are my options, and how to support a loved one in need?


Callers work with the same CARE Connector until the situation is resolved. As needed, we match callers with "best fit" providers, support them in the process, and follow-up regularly.



Introducing Hope CAREbot

Members also get access to Hope CAREbot, a text messaging platform that sends you helpful tips, quotes, and images on a weekly basis. Additionally, Hope will send you monthly CARE videos sharing stories of everyday people who have overcome challenges and found hope and success.

About BluNovus.

BluNovus CARE provides refreshingly new clarity and confidence for managing mental health and addiction. Based on the fundamental principle that “people need people,” BluNovus’ cornerstone is the CARE Center providing 24/7 anonymous text and call-in support services for individuals in need.


24 / 7 Available Support