You and your loved ones need mental health support from your employer in the form of a Proactive Employee Assistance Program (P-EAP)

you and your loved ones need mental health support from your employer

When your organization proactively addresses workplace mental health and addiction at a cultural level with a P-EAP, your organization:

  • Maintains team members who are happy, loyal, engaged, and productive
  • Reduces stigma, promotes connection, and helps you and your team heal
  • Increases the likelihood of team members reaching out for help
  • Helps individuals receive upstream support before a crisis ever occurs
  • And more

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Blunovus is here to help your organization proactively manage mental health and addiction issues with our Proactive Employee Assistance Program (P-EAP)—and we guarantee results.

We will help your organization open the conversation around mental health and wellness while taking care of you and your team members—and all your team member’s loved ones—to bring about:

  • Positive cultural change
  • Healing
  • Loyalty
  • Productivity
  • Engagement
  • Longevity

The Stats

  • Roughly 21% of your team members will experience anxiety this year
  • 13% will suffer a major depressive episode
  • 7% have a substance use disorder

Nothing impacts productivity and workplace well-being more than unspoken and unaddressed mental health issues. Additionally, these mental health issues will account for an estimated 21% turnover in your organization’s workforce annually.

Blunovus is here to help.

When your organization implements our CARE Initiative, your organization will experience a positive cultural change that proactively supports employee wellness and focuses on human connection—because people need people.

The CARE Initiative consists of four interrelated services:

  • Continuing 24/7 CARE Center text/call-in access to our CARE Connector staff - available to all team members and their loved ones)
  • Upfront manager training
  • Upfront team member education
  • Ongoing resource library access

We will help your organization address the stigma associated with mental health and addiction issues while promoting connections that allow individuals to heal. By opening conversations early, mental health discussions can be moved “upstream” to help avert times of crisis.

We also offer an in-depth leadership seminar for executives and managers. This seminar provides all leaders of your organization with a course designed to help them recognize signs and symptoms of individuals who are struggling and need help. It also shows leaders how to open and manage conversations about mental health and addiction so they can more effectively assist team members in need.