/blu/ - noun

1. associated with clarity, depth, and stability.

2. symbolizes trust, wisdom, and confidence.

/novus/ - noun

1. means "new" in Latin.

2. associated with fresh and extraordinary.

Change Evangelist • Founder

James Hadlock

Some say James has lived three distinct lives. One as a young multi-millionaire with the 26th fastest growing company in Utah, one who struggled with mental illness and substance abuse for over a decade, and the one currently, as a compassion-driven, thought-provoking, changemaker who speaks nationally on proactively addressing mental health in the workplace and how meaningful connection is key to emotional well-being.

Client Empathy Officer • Founder

Alicia Hadlock

Clinical Advisor

Jennifer Carlson

HR Advisor

Carl Sokia

Clinical Advisor

James Ott

HR Advisor

Keri Kraatz

Advisory Board

Reza Ahmadi, PH.D.

Advisory Board

Lawler Kang