When it comes to addressing addiction and mental health at work, BluNovus helps start/continue the discussion.

Beth Floyd // WCF Insurance

1. People suffer in silence and shame.

80% of adults living with a mental illness (90% with addiction) will never reach out for help.

2. Managers aren't trained or supported.

87% of HR professionals feel ill-equipped to address mental health and addiction at work.

3. Employees need employer support.

69% of employees feel employers haven't effectively connected them to resources.

How the CARE Initiative Works

For Companies.

The CARE Initiative was built to reduce stigma around mental health and addiction and increase emotional well-being through people proactively using the CARE Center.

  • We align with companies and leaders.
  • We provide an environment of safety and trust.
  • We help normalize the conversation.

For HR Teams.

Our certified HR professionals provide guidance and tools that proactively address mental health and addiction in the workplace.

  • We hold a pre-onboarding review with human resources.
  • We schedule an all-hands in-person and/or virtual event.
  • We provide quarterly trainings and educational webinars.

For Leaders.

Employers, managers, and HR teams have unlimited access to HR Advisors to ask questions and seek guidance on handling specific situations.

  • Receive quarterly reports on how the service is utilized.
  • Feel supported by HR experts in policy and compliance.
  • Be better prepared to address sensitive issues.


* The CARE Center does not provide clinical, medical, or legal advice.

Let's Get Proactive.

Ready To Be Proactive?

Until now there has not been a good way to address mental health and addiction in the workplace or resources to actually do something about it. BluNovus has the understanding and compassion to make a difference and help those who are impacted, which is everyone in one way or another.

Matt Moody // Big Leap

BluNovus understands at a very personal level what individuals and their loved ones need. Every situation is unique but they are able to quickly identify and sift through each situation in a timely manner to get someone placed as quickly as needed.

Brad Harris // BYU

The realities of addiction and mental illness greatly affect businesses and people's personal lives. Organizations can play a large role in helping their workforce be successful personally and professionally. The CARE Initiative improves people's lives, work, and community.

Krystn Clark // Conservice

When it comes to addressing addiction and mental health at work, BluNovus helps start/continue the discussion.

Beth Floyd // WCF Insurance

BluNovus has been great to work with! They came in and showed that they truly care. We have had many people utilize them in the short time we have been using them. They really make a difference!

Josh Christensen // Friendly Home Services


CARE Center Experience


Our Promise.

When employers, employees, or loved ones use the CARE Center, they are met with compassion, respect, and understanding.

CARE is a personal concierge and resource center for all things related to mental health, addiction, and emotional well-being.

People use the service to decompress, receive support, or find mental health providers and services that fit you specific needs.


Callers have unlimited access to the CARE Center and call or text. They have the choice of remaining anonymous and are reminded the conversation is safe and confidential.


* The CARE Center does not provide clinical, medical, or legal advice.


CARE Connectors have a deep knowledge of resources and are trained internally by nationally recognized experts in compassionate call-handling and the art of innate listening.


We first strive to understand the situation by listening with empathy. Our in-house CARE Connectors make sure callers:

  • Feel heard and supported.
  • Understand they're not alone.
  • Are reminded that they matter.


Once a CARE Connector fully understands a situation, they provide "best suited" information. Examples include:

  • How do I talk with my HR manager?
  • What are my options and resources?
  • How do I support a loved one struggling?


Callers work with the same CARE Connector until the situation is resolved. As needed, we match callers with "best fit" providers, support them in the process, and follow-up regularly.



CARE Connectors use empathy, expertise, and experience to save companies, human resources, and employees/loved ones money, time, and frustration... ultimately saving people's lives.