From: $144 every 6 months

CARE Center Services – 24/7/365 in-the-moment mental health support. We are here to listen and help you decompress and de-escalate in your moments of need. If you need a counselor or therapist, we’ll find you a professional fit based on your needs. (See details below)

CARE Center PLUS Coaching Services – Add 2-hours of monthly emotional prosperity coaching with one of our certified coaches to our CARE Center Services. Coaches provide ongoing support, engagement, and accountability, to cultivate emotional prosperity in your life. (See details below)

Discounted Sedera Pricing – 6-month engagement:

  • CARE Center Services – Individual $24 / month
  • CARE Center Services – Family $38 / month
  • CARE Center PLUS Coaching – Individual $198 / month
  • CARE Center PLUS Coaching – Family w/individual coached $205 / month
  • CARE Center PLUS Coaching – Family w/family coached $298 / month


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Subscription Details

CARE Center and Coaching Services

CARE Center Subscription Includes:

  • Blunovus support app
  • 24/7 anonymous text/call emotional support line
  • Access to mental health expert course resource library
  • Weekly wellness texts with tips and reminders
  • Matching to counselors when needed – additional counseling fees at the discounted rate of $110 per hour apply

CARE Center PLUS Coaching Subscription Includes:

  • All CARE Center Subscription services
  • PLUS 2-hours of monthly emotional prosperity coaching – for those who want engagement with a coach and not just the in-the-moment support offered through the CARE Center’s support line
  • Coaching for relationships, loneliness, depressed mood, feelings of stress and anxiety, changing habits, and more. (Coaches do not provide therapy, counseling, or legal advice.)

CARE and Coaching services are available to individuals and families on a 6-month subscription basis. Family coaching is planned for family group sessions unless requested to be broken into individual coaching sessions.

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Care Connectors

Compassionate and respectful support

Our certified Care Center staff members are trained to:

  • Build rapport and de-escalate situations
  • Ask the right questions to understand issues
  • Make it easier for members to find solutions
  • Readily assess and provide available resources
  • Facilitate higher levels of care as needed

Care Connectors use empathy, expertise, and experience to provide people with the support they need... ultimately saving people's lives.

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Access to Greater Levels of Care

Counseling and therapy services

Our Care Center service includes referrals to “pay as you go” counseling and therapy services at insurance company discounts. We are here to listen to, support, and provide you with referrals to experts when needed. We provide you with access to comprehensive tele-health services through our affiliated providers for mental health, chronic pain, and substance use disorders.

These tele-health services are billed on a pay as you go basis at insurance negotiated rates, which generally save about 40+/-%. For example, mental health counseling that generally costs $160-$200 per hour will be billed at customary insurance rates of $110 per hour – representing a 40+/-% savings. Services include individualized therapy with licensed counselors, support groups, and 24/7 in-the-moment chat and daily messaging support.

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Text Messaging Platform

Meaningful tips and reminders from our Carebots

Hope, our team member Carebot, sends you and your family weekly tips, reminders, and resources so they can stay mentally healthy, productive, and happy.

Messages are automated, but as soon as someone responds, a human takes over.

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Online Resource Library

Expert-created courses just a click away

Our Wellness Resource Library contains online courses created by top-notch experts in their respective fields, allowing you to instantly access reliable and up-to-date information and advice on subjects surrounding emotional well-being.

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Coaches Committed to Your Success

Personalized coaching that works

Your Coach will meet you where you're at and help you with the following elements:

  • Safety – Establish an environment of trust and psychological safety.
  • Non-Judgement – Provide non-judgmental support and listening.
  • Compassion – Embody empathy, kindness, and authenticity.
  • Unity – Enable unity within yourself and among others.
  • Presence – Bring focus, clarity, and intention into your everyday actions.
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Personal Transformational Coaching

Take your well-being and emotional prosperity to the next level

Blunovus helps you reduce healthcare costs with ongoing emotional prosperity coaching, provided by our trained mental health and wellness Coaches. Your Coach will meet with you virtually for 2 hours each month to listen and provide support, insights, and coaching tips to help you maintain mental and emotional balance and achieve emotional prosperity.


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