Shift Leadership Certification

Finally, a leadership training that addresses emotional well-being

A comprehensive training that teaches your leaders how to improve culture and performance through meaningful connection and emotional well-being. 

87% of leaders never receive training on mental health or how to support their team members.

Cultural Transformation

Connection, clarity, and confidence

To have a winning culture, and better overall success, leaders must first win the hearts and minds of employees. Our leadership certification will help you strengthen relationships, lead with empathy, advance communication, and improve overall well-being.

70% of failed organizational change programs are attributable to poor organizational health.

"The ability to implement listening practices and leadership techniques that I learned from Blunovus has made a huge difference for me in sales and marketing positions. It has also had a great impact on how I lead my team, communicate with peers, and how I show up with my family. It was an invaluable experience, and anyone with the opportunity to participate in a course or training should take complete advantage of it."

Josh Zeises, CMO

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Meaningful Topics

Subject matter that helps your organization evolve

The training covers:

  • How well-being impacts everything we do
  • Why leaders need to understand mental health
  • The science of compassion and connection
  • How innate listening can increase unity
  • Why teams and leaders need empathy and trust
  • And much more!

68% of employees worry that reaching out to managers about a mental health issue could negatively impact their job security.

Training Analytics

Real change you can see

We use surveys and service engagement data to help you obtain a clear view of where your organization stands before and after the training. You'll also gain insights into well-being issues that your organization is struggling with most.

82% of employees say their leaders aren’t very good at communication and engagement.

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Our Commitment

Our Leadership Certification promise to you

Training participants will walk away with greater:

  • Connection - Embody empathy and trust
  • Clarity - Transmit presence and focus
  • Confidence - Display authenticity and assurance
  • Calmness - Radiate peace and settledness
  • Cultural Influence - Foster psychological safety

Move upstream

Having a supervisor who checks in regularly, is supportive, and who values feedback is a protective factor for a company. Positive supervisor relationships are correlated with the greatest positive outcomes, including satisfaction with work, employee motivation, and employee confidence.