Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CARE Initiative?

An employee benefit and call center that supports the emotional well-being of organizations, employees, and their loved ones.

When we were first developing the CARE Initiative, we knew one thing about proactively addressing emotional well-being, mental health, and addiction in the workplace...

People Need People

We wanted to thoughtfully address three main challenges:

  • People feel ashamed and suffer in silence: 80% of adults living with a mental illness (90% with addiction) never seek help.
    • We help provide the environment that increases the likelihood people reach out. 
  • Managers aren't trained or supported: 87% of HR professionals feel ill-equipped to address mental health and addiction at work.
    • We prepare managers, consult on policies, and help normalize the conversation. 
  • Employees need employer support: 69% of employees feel employers haven't effectively connected them to resources they need.
    • We reduce stigma and friction points and support people from crisis to connection while providing healing resources.

Are you an EAP?

The CARE Initiative is inherently different from a traditional EAP, is connectional rather than transactional, and is built for HIGH utilization. We are proactive and focus on normalizing the conversation, reducing stigma, and moving the mindset from crisis to connection.

We are to EAP's what rideshare (Uber or Lyft) is to the taxi industry. Both get you from point A to point B, but the customer experience with rideshare companies is more convenient and enjoyable.

What is the CARE Center?

CARE is a virtual call center, private and confidential concierge service, and resource center for all things related to mental health, addiction, and emotional well-being and is run by certified CARE Connectors.

Clients may call or text CARE and have the choice of remaining anonymous. They use the service to decompress, receive support, locate helpful resources and training, or find mental health providers and services that fit their specific needs.

When using the CARE Center, these are the words we hear most often from members:  Caring. Convenient. Genuine. Effective. Safe.

Why is utilization so high?

CARE Center utilization is more than 10X the national average for an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). That kind of utilization is by design. We knew the more we understood what holds people back, we could implement a more successful model. We eliminate friction points and provide the kind of platform that invites people to use the service more often.

Who handles calls and text messages?

All CARE Connectors have a background in behavioral health and are trained and certified in-house by the founders of BluNovus and the CARE Initiative.

Since 2012, they have supported and educated individuals and families through the challenges that come with mental illness and addiction. Over that time, they've consulted and trained addiction recovery treatment centers, national call centers, and therapists on the power of meaningful connection and how it relates to recovery, health, and well-being.

Over the last two years, they've trained more than 1,500 therapists and have become widely known in the behavioral health industry for their connection-based approach to client care and transformation.

They are nationally recognized for their deep understanding on why people remain silent in their suffering and how to effectively support individuals and families with compassion and empathy.

CARE Connectors do not give clinical, medical, or legal advice.

Why not therapists?

As we looked at the data and situations that hold people back from proactively addressing their emotional well-being, it was clear that using clinicians in the CARE Center hold many people back. Often times individuals simply want someone to talk to and aren't necessarily interested, or in need of, a therapist.

We meet people where they're at, build rapport and trust, then provide the resources they need in order to heal, which often times, does include a higher level of care.

Who can use the service?

We contract with employer groups and organizations of all sizes nationwide and provide unlimited CARE access to their leaders, hr teams, managers, employees, or ALL their loved ones.

Do you work with HR?

Yes! Closely, in fact. We partner with HR by setting up the all-hands onboarding, providing ongoing support and education, making frequent visits, distributing monthly videos, and offering quarterly webinars that normalize the conversation around mental health, addiction, and emotional well-being.

You don't have an app?

When you consider that 80% of people living with mental illness (90% living with a substance use disorder) never reach out or receive help, downloading an app and creating a username and password was too costly a friction point in people's moment of need.

Providing full access via text and allowing for people to remain anonymous has proven very effective - 10X average utilization.

What providers do you use?

In the event a member requires a higher level of care (therapist, facility), we connect them to the resources they need in order to heal and hold providers to the highest standards to ensure members receive "best of class" care through our network of licensed providers.

We do not have contracts with carriers, which affords us the flexibility to find members the "best fit" for their personal needs. We look at insurance, location, expertise, gender, reputation, etc. and do all the calling and setting up next steps.

We are always mindful of making sure the provider takes the member's insurance.