In my own travels and being in the industry for a while. I've noticed that there are really two kinds of recovery out there that I see people talking to and again this isn't scientific by any means, but it's just based on a little bit of my experience.

That first one is probably one that we all relate to and have seen again and again and again, and it's this idea that somebody goes to treatment or gets into therapy and they start replacing their addictions to drugs and alcohol with working out, better nutrition,  going to a lot of different support groups, volunteering. Oh my gosh, that's one that I know I used a lot, and then another one is busy work.

And one of the things that I noticed in my own recovery, which I'm going to share a little bit more in detail here shortly, when I was for looking into trying to get out of addiction. I found myself doing just this. I was gung-ho and working out. I was gung-ho and being busy. I remember that I had this fear that was always nagging at me. I was concerned that if I got thrown off of a schedule or if all of a sudden I wasn't able to go to a support group or if for some reason I had gained a little extra weight, all of a sudden, it just threw me into this chaos.

I'm almost sure all of you are familiar with this approach where people just switch one addiction for another one. And here's the thing, it's accompanied with frustration, with struggle, with unsettledness, and underneath it all, if you know what I'm talking about here, there can be this underlying fear. In fact, I recall just a couple of weeks ago, I was at a group and somebody was celebrating a decade of recovery, you know this is the time for celebration.

This is a time for excitement...and then he said something that really stuck out to me that I found really disheartening. And it was he had this belief that if he missed one day of meetings, if he missed one day, he was scared to death that he would go back to using again.

And here's the thing...

This approaches is probably the most common and as many of us know, if you're in this industry, and have been in this for a while, you know that success is LOW!

This is where there are revolving doors and we continue to see clients go in and out of detox and in and out of treatment and when they leave, they are as confident as ever, that they're going to have this success and yet we see him back in 30 days or 90 days or whatever the case may be. That is unfortunately the reality we live in.

And our numbers of success are very low, but people have such a desire to want to change and I certainly got to experience that in my own process and in my own recovery.

I want to spend most of our time today talking about the other type of recovery, one that has been a game changer and a life changer for me and I know for other people, but unfortunately, it's something that we don't see often enough.

The other type of recovery I'm talk talking about, of course, is when somebody just has a light switch go on and they have this moment of clarity. Things are just clear to they just automatically get it. They may have struggled, and struggled and struggled, and now all of a sudden, things have changed dramatically for them and they just stopped. And recovery kind of becomes second nature. Like, it's just a part of who they are now.