/blu/ - noun

1. associated with clarity, depth, and stability.

2. symbolizes trust, wisdom, and confidence.

/novus/ - noun

1. means "new" in Latin.

2. associated with fresh and extraordinary.

Caring. Passionate. Proactive. Thought-Provoking. Effective.

These are the words people associate with most when working with us.

A Human Connection Company

We help companies proactively address addiction and mental health in the workplace and compassionately connect employees and their loved ones to the resources they need in order to heal.

The way we (don't) address addiction or mental health at work costs companies thousands. We save organizations money and time by providing better education, resources and support.

• HR Dept: We train and educate teams on how to proactively address addiction and mental health in the workplace.

• Employees: We provide a safe, confidential CARE Center, where we listen, educate, and support employees and/or their loved ones through addiction/mental health related issues.

If you are a CEO or HR Professional and want to proactively address addiction and/or mental health in the workplace, contact us at 1-866-BLUNOVUS


The Team

Chief Evangelist • Founder

James Hadlock

Client Empathy Officer • Founder

Alicia Hadlock

Chief Revenue Officer

Craig Weston

VP Partner Development

Joe Jackson

Advisory Board

Steve Hadlock

HR Advisor

Keri Kraatz

Advisory Board

Suzette Musgrove

Legal Advisor

Jonathan Rudd

Advisory Board

Todd Bearup

Advisory Board

Brad Bertoch

Clinical Advisor

Jennifer Carlson

HR Advisor

Carl Sokia

Clinical Advisor

James Ott

Advisory Board

Reza Ahmadi, PH.D.

Advisory Board

Lawler Kang

Digital Technology

Eric Morgan

Treatment Provider Advisor

Josh Zeises

Business Dev • Digital Media

Trevor Davis